Because I'm painting, I'm still alive.     [Josef Jobst, Visual Artist]        

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TV-Report Vernissage Schlossgalerie Steyr


current exhibitions: ongoing: Travelling Show International Artists Grand Prize, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Dec. 4th - 8th 2019: Luxembourg Art Fair with Galeria Arte Gaudi


Josef Jobst, contemporary fine art, 
impressionism, kubism, naturalism, realism, abstraction, expressionism, minimal art, neoexpressionism, new image paintings, art nouveau
"Olympic Flames 2008: Bloody Sky Over Tibet" Acrylic on mdf-board, 78x108x3,4 cm.



For me, doing art is a meditation and an affirmation of life, that lifts me above the problems of everyday. My passion for colors let me take the artist-name "Chromosoph" (greek for "Color-Lover" or "Color-Thinker") I started as a realistic painter. Now I'm a figurative painter but I love the infinite freedom of abstractions... so most of my art is "figurative abstraction"

My artistic influences are based in the art of the early impressionists, the "School of Barbizon". Like the work of those artists, I explore the space between realistic and abstract art - in a rich and diverse stylistic texture.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Questions? dont hesitate to contact me.

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July 26th 2011: (again) invitation: "V Beijing International Art Biennale 2012"
October 26th 2010: shortlisted for "EcoArtAward2011"
May 6th 2010: invitation to the IV Beijing International Art Biennale 2010"
January 26th 2010: selected for the publication "Abstractions2010". Follow the link and scroll down the page.
January 18th Jan.2010: listed in "The Top200 International Emerging Artists 2010" by New-Art-Review
November 21st 2009: shortlisted for the "Art-Inter/National-Award 2010"

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