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  1. Artwork for ExoArt Juried Competition 2010
    competition theme: "Redefined" (art made of found/used materials)

    titel of my sculptur: "Phonestone"           click to enlarge!

  2. I've made these artworks for the exhibition "Clash of Culture 2010, Theme: Self" in New York:
    click to enlarge!           click to enlarge!
  3. Artwork for the exhibition "ArtClash09" a "coffin" made of pill-blisters, casket filled with emptied pill (medicine) boxes :
    click to enlarge!
  4. "Art & Harbour Project" Portland, Maine
    juried competition for art in public places, creation of artwork on old gasoline tanks at the harbour of Portland. Here are three examples of my submitted design proposals for the tanks:
    click to enlarge!           click to enlarge!
  5. Theme: "footprint". Request for proposals for the design of a "Smallpox Eradication Monument", located on the exterior entrance grounds of the headquarters of the WHO (World Health Organization) in Geneva, Switzerland.
    Specifications: i.e. aerea max. 4 sqm, max. height 3 m, light and airy for harmony with its aesthetic and architectural surroundings; made of metal, stone, concrete, ceramic, and/or other durable materials, maintenance free, no parts requiring electricity, water, or mechanical maintenance are allowed; Bifurcated Needle should be incorporated into the monument,...
    My two proposals:
    click to enlarge!           click to enlarge!
  6. I took part at the largest show of LandArt 2008 in Germany "Windform", I made 2 sculptures and 5 paintings,     click for more info .

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