January 1st 2013: invitation for the "IX International Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art" (Nov29. - Dec08, 2013)!
July 26th 2011: invitation to the V Beijing International Art Biennale 2012"
October 26th 2010: shortlisted for "EcoArtAward2011"
May 6th 2010: invitation by the Chinese Academy of Arts (CAA) and the China National Museum of Art for the IV Beijing International Art Biennale 2010:
besides of the chinese artists 200 artists from 87 countries have been chosen for participation, I am the first and only one from Austria and the curators comitee shortlisted three of my paintings for the show, but the organizing CAA has limited the numbers of to be shown artworks to 1 per foreign artist, that my painting "The Beauty of Incendiary Clearing" (from series "Deforestation") will be presented in Beijing.
26th Jan.2010: I have been selected for the publication "Abstractions2010". Follow the link and scroll down the page.
18th Jan.2010: got listed with "The Top200 International Emerging Artists 2010" by New-Art-Review
21st Nov.2009: shortlisted for the "Art-Inter/National-Award 2010"

International Exhibitions:

  • Jan. 7th - March 18th: "EU.Contemporary II" Dong Li Gallery, Shenzhen, China
  • May 14th - June 7th: "Bume und Beine" Clubgalerie der Dr. Ernst Koref-Stiftung, o.kulturquartier u/hof Linz, Austria
  • May 24th - June 21th: "Be The Future, Now!" Artists for Freedom Benefiz Exhibition, Stadtregal Ulm, Germany
  • August 7th - Sept.9th: "Perfectionists" Trzciny Art Center, Warszawa, Poland
  • Oct. 5 - Oct.20: "Emergenzarte II." Santa Maria di Salla, Italy
  • Nov. 29th - Dec.8th : "IX International Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art" Italy


  • March 1st - April 27th: "KUNSTimPuls" PatHotel am Ebertpark Ludwigshafen, Germany
  • March 30th - April 29th: "Simply Uncommon" Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
  • June 6th - June 15th, 2013: Gran Prix GHV, MEK Gallery, Merit, Cordoba, Argentinia
  • June 25th - July 23th: "NewArtFestival2012" MoRA, New Jersey, US
  • August 14th - Dec.12th: "Contemporary Art & Living Tradition" Ionion Art Center, Kefalonia
  • Sept. 20th - Nov.24th: "Aequus Animus" Museo Cont Arte Casoria, Napoli (due to Finance Crisis postponed)
  • Sept.22nd - Oct. 21th: V. Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB) China National Museum of Art
  • Nov. 7th - Dec. 12th: "EU.Contemporary" Shantong, Shenzhen, China


  • January 19th - February 20th: "World of Imagination Vol.III", Apwarts-Gallery, New York
  • February 9th - March 7th: "Warum, oder auch?" Personale, AKh Linz (Austria)
  • March 11th - April 10th: "Who's Creative?" Contemporary Art Gallery, New York
  • May 10th - May 29th: "The Green in the Contemporary World", E.Art Galeria, Civitanova Marche, Italy
  • June 18th - July 30th: "Be The Future, Now!" Artists For Freedom, Halle III Ludwigshafen catalogue
  • July 7th - August 14th: "SYMBIOSE" Summer Art Festival, De Stadsgalerij Breda, The Netherlands download catalogue
  • July 2.nd - August 5th: "Imagination" Pond House Gallery, St.James, NY (USA)
  • Sept. 18th - Oct. 30th: "Abyssus" That Gallery, Hongkong
  • Sept. 24th - December 30th: "Art and Emotion" PatHotel Ludwigshafen, Germany


  • January 2nd - 31st: Art Inter/National Award Exhibition, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA more info
  • January 5th - 23rd: "EcoArt", Factory Gallery London more info...
  • February 6th - 25th: "Putting-It-All-Together" Climate-Gallery, New York
  • May 1st - October 26th: "Retrospective", Galerie im Turm, Schwertberg, Austria
  • June 6th - 25th: "Revealing Culture" Exhibition, JF Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. more info
  • September 3rd - December 31st: "Miniature Masterpiece 2010" Galeri ASWARA, National Academy of Arts, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • September 10th - October 20th: IV Beijing International Art Biennale 2010 Beijing, China
  • September 10th - October 24th: "Unwrap Your Mind" That Gallery, Tsuen Wan, Hongkong
  • October - December (date to be fixed soon): "Time" Instinc Gallery, Singapore
  • October - November: "Retrospective", Foyer AKH Linz, Austria (postponed, spring 2011)


  • Feb.27th - March 2nd: ARTEGENOVA 2009
    the Galeria de Arte GAUDI, Madrid, is featuring my artwork by showing seven paintings at the 5th ARTEGENOVA, Italy
  • April 4th - April 27th: "World of Imagination Vol.2" APW Gallery New York, US
  • May 8th - June 21st: "Legs of Men and Women in the Art of the 21st Century, Chouze sur Loire, France
  • June 26th - August 30th: Aiserburg, Schwertberg, Austria
  • July 15th - August 16th: International RedCross Summer Exhibition, Den Haag, Netherland
  • August 14th - 30th: Annual Cork Street Open, London, England
  • November 7th - December 22nd: Solo Exhibition, Galeria de Arte GAUDI, Madrid, Spain


  • London:
    One of my paintings has been chosen for the
    "Annual Cork Street Open Exhibition". The show takes place from July 31 - August 9 (31) at "The Gallery in Cork St" in London's prestigious West End, England,
    more info can be found at the gallery's website.

  • Portugal:
    Two paintings have been accepted for the "ON EUROPE - 1st Bienal Internacional di Montijo + IX Premio Vespeira 2008", a competition open only for artists residing in the European Union. The show takes place from August 14 - October 31, 2008, in the Galeria Municipal Montijo, just 15 km away from Portugal's capitol Lisboa.

    Those are my shortlisted artwork:

    click to enlarge!


    Titel:     Ninetynine Neurons
    Style:     Figurative abstraction
    Material:     Acrylic on wooden composite panel
    Sizes:     80 x 80 x 3,5 cm
    Date:     2008

    click to enlarge!


    Titel:     Networking
    Style:     Abstraction
    Material:     Acrylic / mixed media on wooden composite panel
    Sizes:     80 x 80 x 3,5 cm
    Date:     2008

  • Germany:
    The famous LandArt-Festival "bewegter wind", theme 2008: "Windform", takes place from August 16 - September 3, 2008, on four locations around the GeoPark Waldeck-Frankenberg in Hessen, Germany. The show presents 100 pieces of artwork from artists coming from 35 countries of four continents. I'm participating with 6 objects.
  • Tallin, Estonia:
    the "International RedCross Winter Exhibition 2008" takes place at the TAMM Gallery in Tallin, Nov.7-28. Two works of mine are in the show.

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